From Teflon to PVC polymers are all around us. Plastic bags, windows, cooking utensils, clothes; all are made with certain types of polymers.

Probably one of the most incredible uses of polymers is in our air crafts and space ships. Without polymers we may not have the capacity or the resources to send the numerous crafts we do into space- nor fly around the world in quick and easy travel. One of the most fascinating of materials is fibre glass- which is a composite material.

Fibre glass is made up of the thermosetting polymer “polyester” and is re-enforced by added tiny strands of glass to the polymer. This makes it ideal for aircrafts as it is very strong but has an incredibly low mass. However, due to its composite nature fibreglass is an expensive material to manufacture.

Perhaps if we could make these desirable composite polymers easier and cheaper to produce, we would see more and more used for other consumer goods….


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